September 25, 2023

Inground Pool Installation Phase 3

For those who have been following along, a friend of mine is having a pool installed over in Milford, New Jersey.

I was there for the excavation and then kept up to date remotely thanks to her sharing of the video featuring the concrete pouring!

In case you were wondering how long it takes to install an in-ground pool, it appears to be moving along at a pace of possibly 2 to 3 months. However, things like the weather will definitely influence the flow of the project.

I believe they had to take a little hiatus after some heavy rainfall which as you may guess started filling up the big hole where the pool goes.

With the pool liner in place and the pool filled with fresh water, it looks like the last step of adding the concrete patio might be getting underway shortly. That would mean they will be swimming before 4th of July!

Excellent timing if you ask me. I will be sure to update everyone on the swimming conditions at a future date. Or not.

Companies to call for a pool installation in Hunterdon or Warren County NJ:

1. Cannonball Pools (there’s one on Main Street in Stewartsville) at (908) 454-2559

2. Matt Korbobo Excavating


Matt Korbobo
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