May 24, 2024

It’s a Big World… Go and Run in It | Run Before You Fly with Suzanne

Some mornings used to begin a day of shame for me. A day of waking up to the aftermath and I would bury my head in my pillow…head pounding, still tasting remnants of stale booze and fried foods. I couldn’t reason with myself. I wanted change. I wanted better. I wanted the negative whispers of self loathing, and failure to find an exit…and I want freedom and help to find the incoming door.

I don’t care where you are in your journey. There is hope. We all have crap we don’t expunge. We all struggle. I have both been the victim and played the victim. I have settled and been unsettled. I have had fear and faith…mixed with both despair and optimism. Take special care today to reconnect and recommit to yourself.

I know my vision of being a wellness influencer was once buried in a grave of deep excuses, and poor habits. I know that this life is becoming increasingly more stressful…with expanded sadness as we watch our world once full of hard work and promise from our forefathers generate amplified hate and unsteadinesses.

Despite this, I rise in the morning with a deep appreciation for what my sneakers have taught me, and gratitude for the clarity I gain while trying to lead by example.

Release the toxic crap today that you were not meant to carry. Excuse yourself from others burdens, and forgive what has been weighing you down. When the unraveling is done….greet what’s left with kindness. It has so much to teach you….Give back…work hard…and follow your inner hero.

“It’s a big world…go run it.”

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