September 26, 2023

Lost and Found | Suzanne’s Corner

So many of us stay on a path lit with false promise, poisonous venom, and a plan to keep us on a road to destroying what we were all born to have… peace and stillness.

I will continue to share my story and be a vessel carrying Hope. We do not have to stay stuck. We choose it.

We do not have to stay lost. We choose it.

We do not have to let toxic people, places or things dictate who we are… we allow them to.

Release the voices that are trying to crush your spirit. Let go of what whatever is telling you victory is not possible. Be kind today. Be patient with yourself. Drink some water. Peer out into the unknown… and find your way home.

“I once was lost… but now I’m found.” Get up and get after it today. Draw the shades back, let the light in… and let’s say yes to life today!!

#getupandmove #peaceofmind #welcomehome

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