June 14, 2024

How to Start Loving Your Website to Go Higher in Your Business

Does social media have you feeling like people are talking AT you instead of WITH you? Many make a daily task of posting but don’t take a moment to say something meaningful in response to what others share.
It’s not that they don’t care, but more like everyone is so busy and consumed with their own to-do list. After you’re all done, maybe you hop on FB at lunch or at 9 pm finally ready to engage, but you have nothing more than a weak thumb lift to offer your business comrades. We ALL do this.

I want to remind everyone that this is why we have business websites.

A lot of us solely rely on social media to get a message out. This is better than not posting at all. BUT, your website takes your communication higher and makes it more serious, more real.

If you want to go HIGHER in your business, focus on building your website and filling it with GREAT, USEFUL, HELPFUL, share-worthy content.

Start thinking of your website as your very own PUBLICATION to make your business communication more official. Because that is exactly what it is!
Get in the habit of logging on.

That’s probably the biggest reason so many site owners ignore their website. They don’t know the password, they don’t log in, it’s not a part of their day like Facebook, but it SHOULD be.

Why? Because none of us have control over what happens on FB, but we have total control over our website content.

YOUR content should be yours to keep.

That’s why any content you create for your website should go from your computer to your storage to your website to social media, in that order.
So if you lose the content (and you will on Facebook… this sh!t gets BURIED)… you can still get it back.

Here’s what you can do when you still have the content that you created.

You can take old content and repurpose it, rework the search terms if you find that people are trending on a certain topic or phrase.
Your website content has ENDLESS potential. Rework what you already wrote and published, to a specific group (example, Running Tips becomes Running Tips for All Seasons, Running Tips if You’re Healing from an Injury, Running if You’re Over 50, etc. etc. — see the niche-down possibilities?)

Start loving your website.

Turn your Thought for Today that you had into content for your PUBLICATION that you totally control — your glorious website with all of its endless potential.
  • Come up with a topic.
  • Write two sentences developing your main idea.
  • Type out five or seven supporting points.
  • Break them up with space between each paragraph.
  • Type out a conclusion — OR, skip the conclusion and go straight to the Call to Action. “Love this advice and want more? Sign up here.” And add a link to your form.
  • Then find a nice stock photo on pexels .com. Add that as your blog post’s feature photo.
  • Add your categories and tags to the post.
  • Make sure the title is keyword-strong.
  • Publish the post. Grab the link.
  • Hop over to your social media sites. Share the image along with a short summary of what’s in the post.
  • Then, IN THE COMMENTS, share the link (because social media will hide your links from others – they want to fight you for the traffic and engagement THAT BAD.)
(This thought alone should have you RUNNING to log into your website so you can start showing up on Google.)
Remember: we want to attract readers who ALREADY want what we offer.

Will you take action to make your website great today?

Hang with us at Healthy Happy NJ for more tips and inspiration, and yes, we want to HEAR from YOU, because YOU are the expert at what you do!
Dina, Virtual Copywriter, DinaGio.com  and Mary Walker, Yoga Teacher of MPowerYogaWellness, Warren County NJ

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