September 28, 2023

NJ Gardening Guide for Beginners! Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Zone 6

Are you new to gardening, and wondering if this could be the summer you grow your own fresh produce to feed your family on a budget, right from your own backyard? Gardening feeds more than just your family. It’s good for the body, mind and soul.

Garden Beds-NJ has created a comprehensive organic gardening guide for new gardeners. You probably have questions, such as…

  • When is the exact right time to prep garden beds for planting?
  • What should I do to prep the soil to grow lush, colorful, healthy veggies and herbs?
  • Which vegetables should be planted at which times?
  • What’s the best organic fertilizer?
  • How often should I water?
  • Is there a planting calendar and exact guide with planting instructions for NJ zone 6?

The answer is YES… we have your NJ Zone 6 Organic Gardening Guide right here! This is an electronic gardening ebook in PDF format. Everything that you could ever want to know about how to organically grow veggies and herbs in your own NJ backyard garden!

Learn more about the Garden Beds-NJ online gardening guide now:

Complete NJ Zone 6 Organic Garden Planting Guide – Available for Easy Download. Learn more here!