September 25, 2023

Pool Digging by Cannonball Pools and Matt Korbobo Excavation

The other day my friend called me up asking if we wanted to watch them dig her pool. This would be the second excavation we have ever witnessed live.

The first one was our septic. It was very exciting to watch the first time, not to detract from the thrill of watching my friend get a pool in her backyard of course. 

Excavation for an inground pool is kind of cool. I didn’t mean to rhyme that. You can clearly see where the steps are going to go, the shallow end, and then the descent to the deep end which is angled out just the way it is when you’re actually in the pool.

The digger guy does his digging and then the pool guys come around with the shovels and start slicing away layers of earth to kind of smooth it out. Honestly I don’t know how they keep it all even because if I tried to join in the lines will be all jagged! Good thing I’m not a pool digger. I would get fired.

My friend whose house this is and who will be getting a pool this summer told me that their pool will be lined with metal, and then the metal will be covered by the pool liner. You know, that plastic decorative thing, if you want to get technical about it.

She said the other option was to line the pool with a layer of concrete. But I guess this wouldn’t be comfortable for the kids and I’m sure the pricing would be different as well.

It’s always good to have a friend with a pool. I’ll be thinking of these guys while floating on a nice raft at my friend’s house this summer.

Thanks to Matt Korbobo Excavation of Bloomsbury, NJ and Cannonball Pools for their pool digging expertise. I can’t wait for everything to be finished!


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