June 20, 2024

Prepper Princess on House Buying. Top Ways to Save That Will Surprise You

Prepper Princess is my go-to for frugal living advice. She is a single, middle aged woman living in a conservative, small town in California.

She buys her houses in cash, lives extremely frugally and makes money using a variety of means, none of which is having a traditional job.

How to Find a Super Cheap House. Best Tips from Prepper Princess

In this video, Prepper Princess delivers brilliant tips for finding and buying a really cheap house. I’ll give you my short list of the best ones from the video:

Prepper Princess House Buying Tips to Save Money

Buy a house with no garage which will save you about 50 grand on the purchase price. Add one for about 15k, then when you sell you get to add 50K to the list price.

Opt for a house with one bathroom instead of two which takes off… I think she said $20k, as opposed to a home with 2 bathrooms.

Don’t be afraid of foundation issues. A foundation that needs repair isn’t usually as hard to fix as people make it out to be. This will lower the list price, and you can fix it for under $10k.

Buy a house with an older roof. This will save you about 15,000 and you’ll only pay about 6k for a new roof.

Check the Neighborhood Before You Buy Your House

Signs that reveal the quality of the neighborhood and general area…

GOOD sign: Old lady out walking small dog. Tells that it’s safe, low crime, no threats.

GOOD sign: Young woman jogging the path with headphones also reveals a high level of safety.

BAD sign: Homes with lots of junk in the yard, multiple cars, old broken lawnmowers, bikes, etc.

BAD sign: No grocery store; only fast food which reveals lack of jobs in the area and high probability of theft because no one would take the risk of keeping a store.

Watch the video for many more really smart home buying tips to save you money.

Prepper Princess, better known as Amber Storck, is the author of Living on Almost Nothing, available on Amazon.

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