December 11, 2023

Quick Work from Home Survival Tip

Here’s a tip for people who work from home, to help you multitask.

You’re not actually juggling two different priorities at the same time. You’re switching from one to the other and back again which will help you concentrate on both.

If you have clutter starting to accumulate in your house and you’re caught between wanting to clean and needing to complete a deadline for work, here’s what you can do.

Use this tip at those moments when you feel that you really need a mental break from the computer, you can’t seem to focus and you’re getting distracted by the clutter that’s all around.

Step 1: Make a quick plan to tackle a cleaning task like, say, vacuuming.

(This wouldn’t seem like the right time to vacuum but stay with me here.)

Step 2: Break the vacuuming task down into mini goals.

You know you have to pick everything up off the floor before you can vacuum. So do that.

Don’t take too long for this. Just break away from your computer and do a quick run-through of the task. Any item that’s on the floor and needs to be moved should be relocated quickly and efficiently.

Try not to get distracted by each item. Instead just pick it up and move it into a closet, or onto a bed, couch or table.

This simple act of clearing away clutter will prepare you for the vacuuming task so you can accomplish that quickly.

Step 3. Don’t vacuum yet. Instead, go back to your work and complete your computer task that you were trying to focus on.

Finish typing, complete your research, communicate with that client, or do whatever you have to do to be able to check off the work task and call it done.

Step 4. Now you’re ready to vacuum.

Look around, there’s nothing on the floor that will hinder your progress. So put the plug in the wall and do a quick run of the vacuum.

You don’t have to tackle the whole house, just the floor that you’re currently on is fine especially if it happens to be the first floor living space.

You don’t even have to get in the corners if you don’t want to. Save deep cleaning for another day.

The simple act of clearing this space of clutter, debris, lint and crumbs will make a huge difference. It will be easier to breathe because you just vacuumed the dust out of the carpet, floor and the air.

Step 5. Now it’s time to do the switch.

Roll up the vacuum cord and put the machine away.

Make yourself a quick cup of tea or coffee, sit back down at your computer and work your magic.

Now you’re better able to focus because you’re no longer feeling boxed in by untidy surroundings. A quick clean-up makes a huge difference, and it really didn’t take very long at all, did it?

Step 6. Break away from work and switch to cleaning again.

On your next breakaway from the computer, take another run of the current floor where you’re working and finish up the task of putting things away where they belong.

Grab those items that you stashed away temporarily on the tables, beds or couches. Tuck them into drawers and closets.

Again, don’t get caught up in studying the item or thinking too much about it. Just put it away.

Now you’ve managed to balance housekeeping with job responsibilities. Reward yourself!

As a result of doing these few simple extra steps, you and your family members will feel calmer. Everyone will be able to concentrate better, which is important because you’re working from home.

If anyone drops by, you’ll feel relaxed knowing that your place is clean. You can put out a welcoming vibe to your guest who will also feel soothed by the pleasant, organized surroundings.

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Author Dina Gio has worked from home since 2003 and loves it. For more great work from home tips like these, plus the scoop on freelance gigs, making money with a side hustle online and working for clients, visit