September 28, 2023

Sell a Yoga Course NOW! The Writing’s Been Done and You Get Images of Yoga Poses Too

Hey, are you a yoga instructor? If so, I wanted to get you excited about something. This is YOUR time to sell a yoga course, I am so serious! The content is ready for you to edit and make your own. Your audience NEEDS this NOW. DON’T miss your window of opportunity.

I know that a lot of you yoga gurus are feeling like a bunch of deflated balloons about your chosen profession. You were going to host in-person yoga classes, it was going to be incredible… now we’re all trapped in our homes or doing yoga solo in our back yards… how will you ever make use of your certification?

I will tell you how, and I will get you motivated about it, too. Hear me out. Everyone is home, feeling anxious and they NEED your good advice. They don’t think they can do yoga, but YOU know they can. So show them how and come out on top in your industry.

I have some terrific prewritten yoga content here for you to create and sell as your own yoga course. And guess what, you get $15 off if you order this before June 9, 2020.

Take this content, change it any way you like. Add your own special touches. Get a mailing list going and sell this! It’s time. This is YOUR time, yoga friends.

I know that a lot of yoga teachers are picky about the quality of the courses they sell. If you’re one of them, GREAT news. You get to change this content any way you want and resell as your own. Finesse the wording… it’s already really good, but you can make it exceptional because YOU are the yoga expert.

These two available yoga courses come with written content and images of the poses. PLUS you get an extra yoga poses from May 22 then you have extra images to help you sell this course on your blog and social media outlets.

The first course is called Everyone Can Do Yoga and it’s chock full of details that the yoga newbie will appreciate.

The next-level up course is Transform Your Yoga and it shows how you can turn yoga from a chore and a “should” to an everyday practice that you will WANT to do and look forward to (that’s how I do yoga myself!)

Here’s the page where you can get all the details about what’s included in these courses. I’ve included screen shots of the written content and some images to sample as well.

Use coupon code YOGACOURSES for your $15 off one or both of these courses. Offer ends after June 9, 2020.

I’m telling you, NOW is the time to offer a yoga course. It’s going to be the summer of quarantine survival and yoga will never be more needed or appreciated than at this time.  So go grab your copy of this beautiful material and make it your own.

Much success, prosperity and love to YOU on this beautiful day and always!

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