September 28, 2023

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  • Tired of spending hours, days, months, and yes, YEARS posting content on social media, only to get crickets in response?
  • No longer willing to throw away money on social media ads that yield nothing more than a charge on your credit card and some random weirdos in your inbox?

You’ve probably heard about passive income, list building, making money from home, and these kinds of things.

What does this mean?

Passive income has to do with selling information online.

It’s basically packaging up tips, advice and instructions that people want and need. You’re setting up digital products now, so you can enjoy effortless repeat sales later.

It’s like writing a book but the email version of that. Instead of a physical book, you’re passing PDF how-to guides or emailed course lessons, to your customers.

Instead of them waiting days for their book to arrive by snail mail (takes patience!), they get INSTANT delivery of an info-packed course that YOU set up in advance, for them to learn and solve problems using the information provided.

What qualifies you to sell digital products?

  • You’re an expert. You might have professional credentials in an area of interest. Or perhaps you’re an avid hobbyist. Either qualifies!
  • People probably seek advice from you. And you likely spend your days answering the same questions over and over. But maybe this gets you clients sometimes, and maybe it doesn’t at other times.

For those times when answering questions doesn’t yield you business… it’s time to change that. We’re talking about income streams here!

To make money by sharing what you know, you must automate the process of selling information online.

How do you do that?

Well, let me just preface this by saying that you must already LOVE posting content online. Or… you must have enough money saved to have someone else (like me) who will write and post it for you.

If you’re my “right type of person” who would be interested in list-building to make money, then you’re perpetually ready with brilliant thoughts to share on Facebook and LinkedIn. BUT, you feel frustrated that NO ONE seems to be LISTENING.

That’s right, you’re an impressive, knowledgeable expert. What you know by virtue of your professional training and perhaps decades of experience in the trenches, is absolutely life-changing.

So how do you REACH people with your knowledge?

You must show up in the INBOX. The inbox is where people go when they’re ready to solve problems, check off goals, do business and yes… BUY THINGS.

I know it’s hard to make the mental jump from social media (where family, friends, likes and love live) to websites and email marketing.

But trust me, many of us email marketers make anywhere from a “pretty decent” to an excellent, quit-my-day-job, make-my-side-hustle-a-main-hustle kind of income out here.

Why? Because people who ALREADY WANT what you offer are searching GOOGLE. They will find you by typing phrases that you’re sharing on your website or blog.

How much you make depends on how far you’re willing to go. Go fast… go slow. Just GO!

So let me give you the preliminaries of what you need if you want to sell online.

  1. You should have a website, and be willing to post high-value content that answers questions people would commonly have about your area of expertise.
  2. You should search engine optimize the content. So that means knowing what phrases people would be searching for, and slipping those into the post title, headlines, categories and post tags.
  3. You MUST build a list. This takes a while but that means no pressure. For as long it will probably take to start really seeing yourself as an expert and having a website where you offer advice and invite people to purchase courses, teaching and coaching hours from you, is how long it will take before your list grows big and fat and then starts converting.

That’s why you need to list-build now. Just set it up by sharing content. Offer an opt-in gift to drive traffic and signups to your list. Set it up, post related tips and advice. Then chill.

By the time you’re ready with a plan to release your first PAID product, you’ll have ready buyers on your list who have been waiting to hear your expert advice!

Here’s an insider tip for you:

Any time you get lost in the process of posting content, list building, emailing tips and sharing on social media, go back to the original question:

What is the main problem that I can help people solve?

THAT Is what your information product, and your service offerings, should be built around.

Ready to TAKE THE FIRST STEP, and learn how to set up an opt-in gift to grow your list, so you can start selling on email, right now?

  • This is a 6-day mini course.
  • Be prepared to start using Canva and Aweber (or your existing list manager) to create your opt-in gift and grow your list.
  • Each new lesson will arrive via email, every other day.
  • If you take immediate action on the instructions provided, you’ll be on your way to making passive income online.
  • If you take longer to act or decide to do nothing, that’s okay too. Because you’ll still have the information so you’ll know just what to do once you’re ready to do it.

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Here’s one I received recently.

“I did a fast skim and it looks [bleeping] awesome! I’m so happy I asked you to do this!” (from a local client who hired me to help her set up an opt-in gift for her list.)


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