September 21, 2023

Sunday Blessings from Suzanne

Sundays for me represent a meaningful life. The quiet of the morning, the first sip of coffee, the alone time on the couch to really sit and think.

We see people’s lives on social media and we scroll. We say “why can’t we have what they have?”Why is she lucky?” Why is he so successful?”

The truth is no one is without injury or suffering. Everyone has their deepest hurts, regrets, and short comings buried deep in their own pillows and closets of life.

It’s easy to get down in this current world situation. Society is a mess… full of racism, bigotry, hate, rebellion, censorship, riots, unpatriotic behaviors and the list goes on… we must align our actions to be as good as our intentions.

Today, I get to flip blueberry pancakes, in a little farmhouse that I love. I get to run on roads whose school bus drove my kids to school. I woke up on a lumpy mattress that I wouldn’t change for the world, and shared my coffee with a someone who is a steady hand of kindness and goodness.

I don’t have a yacht, I don’t have a big bank account, and I don’t care… because what I do have is worth more than any zero on a check.

My life is messy, my brain is a chaotic mess half the time, but I am happy…I don’t need more or better. I don’t need fake or unrealistic. God gives me just what I need….. Every. Single. Day.

Reflect on what your blessings are today….that is all.

Writer, competitive runner and visionary Suzanne Swanson shares inspiring words on the Run Before You Fly blog. She seeks to help those struggling in unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol to overcome their blocks and move on to self love. Sign up for inspirational emails from Suzanne. Join her running, healthy lifestyle and emotional support group on Facebook! We’re encouraging, motivating, celebrating, believing in, and cheering for one another. We’d love to meet and know you!