September 25, 2023

Thank You for the Balloons. Warren County Hot Air Balloon Launch 2021.

Tonight I was driving home down our country road at about 7:00 p.m. or maybe shortly after. Cars moved along at a slow pace, but for a good reason. All eyes were up in the sky, taking in the lovely sight of balloons aloft, floating off into the great blue yonder.

This has been a balloon-filled week thanks to the efforts of Giulia Grotenhuis who coordinates this lofty effort each and every year through the seasons. The week-long event and yearly highlight of summer, the Warren County Farmers Fair is our local balloonists’ time to shine, and Giulia and her team of helpers is behind it all.

I couldn’t resist taking some video footage today, and no there were no children or other passengers in my car. People were out on their lawns and driveways, hanging out watching the colorful balloons floating by in the distance.

I also thought that Berlin’s Take My Breath Away was a nice choice for a song to be playing on the radio with these lovely inflatables sailing on by.

Just wanted to offer my thanks with a hokey video that I made using my poor video skills :). It was a beautiful, peaceful scene though my video doesn’t quite do it justice.

Actually here’s a better video from the Warren County hot air balloon festival website.

The quarantine of 2020 and 2021 created major problems for a lot of people. It’s been a weird time. But thanks to people like Giulia who still put the effort in, and thanks to these balloon guys and gals who take to the sky because they can… Things are looking up.


For information on taking a Balloon Ride at the Balloon festival at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair, Warren County, New Jersey, email: call (908) 283-0721.