September 21, 2023

Why Do Yoga Hip Openers? | From Laura of Grounded Earth Yoga in Hunterdon, NJ

The hips are the physical and energetic gateway of the body. Muscles in the hips, specifically the iliopsoas muscles, are triggered during the “fight or flight” mechanism in response to stress.

When the mind senses danger, the brain releases chemicals that prepare the body to defend itself from attack. Our bodies regularly kick into this mode by non-life threatening events, like worrying about work, getting startled by a barking dog, or forgetting to send in the school permission slip.

The hips contract in preparation, and yogis believe the emotion connected to that stressful event gets trapped in the body in those chronically contracted muscles.

If all that is a little too “hoogety boogety” (my husband’s term), consider this. Many hip muscles connect the lower spine to the pelvis and upper thigh bones.

Tight or weak muscles in the hips can be the cause of low back, hip, and even knee pain and instability. That means we are affected by tight hip muscles in simple movements like walking and standing up, and even when we are perfectly still.

In my yoga classes, we combine hip releasing poses with hip strengthening movements to help these muscles release tension and build stability.

This month, I will share tutorials and movements that will help you practice at home and in a chair.

Follow along on my website, Grounded Earth Yoga.

Hip openers can be practiced by every BODY at any level of experience and ability.

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