November 29, 2023

Alpha Woman Makes Masks, Sells Them, and Donates the Profits to the Alpha Food Pantry

A motivated mask maker in Alpha, NJ is giving back in a meaningful way. She uses the profits generated from her mask sales to donate to her local food pantry.

Warren County residents and workers, if you’re looking for a source of face masks to stash in your car, distribute to your employees or even resell or give away at your place of business, place your order for them from Kammy.

Here’s a picture of the recent food donation that, in addition to giving $350 in profits to the United Presbyterian Church’s food pantry in Alpha, mask maker Kammy J. of Warren County, NJ, shopped for and donated to families in need. What a beautiful thing to do! <3 <3

A direct quote from Kammy: “Today I was able to drop off 90 masks and a $350 check to the Trinity soup kitchen! We have purchased $350 worth of food and other items for the food bank at the United Presbyterian Church in Alpha NJ. I will continue to sell masks and do the same. Will ship for small cost.”

Here is her total donation from the last batch of masks that she sold online:

  • 12 bottles laundry detergent
  • 12 bottles dish soap
  • 12 bottles hand soap
  • 42 bars of soap
  • 12 jars mayonnaise
  • 12 bottles pancake syrup
  • 12 boxes complete pancake mix
  • 12 bottles mustard
  • 16 bottles ketchup
  • 12- 100 count boxes of tea bags
  • 12 cans of coffee
  • 40 bags Knorr pasta and rice sides
  • 36 boxes Kraft mac & cheese

Order Your Masks Online Today! Support Kammy in Her Effort to Stamp Out Hunger.

Pricing for Masks is as follows, per the mask maker:

The mask are $5 each. Will also mail out to people. Price to mail depends on quantity. Starts at $1 for 1:mask and .50 cents for each additional.

Email Kammy to place an order:

[kammyjohnson0987 AT], (please change the AT to an actual @ sign the way you would type in an email.)

In the subject line of your email, type the word MASKS.

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