September 28, 2023

Top Amazon Picks to De-Stress and Pamper Yourself at Home

Stuck at home in the quarantine, feeling a little stressed out? Self care is important, but even more so at times like this.

We may not be able to control all sources of anxiety in our lives. But we can at least administer self care and find new ways to relax.

If we’re as chilled out as we possibly can be, then we’ll be better able to deal with the stress of the unexpected when it does crop up. Perhaps these handy gadgets can help.

Below find our top picks for self care. The more relaxed you are, the better you’re able to take care of everybody else.  At-Home Spa Kits, Leg Massagers and much more

The Physionatural Neck Wrap

Relieve tension in the neck, stop migraines, and even eliminate associated abdominal pain thanks to this comforting and uniquely designed heating pad.

Made of soft, flexible fabric that wraps the neck and shoulders in soothing, healing warmth.

Contains healing natural herbs including lavender, lemongrass, chamomile, and peppermint, for aromatherapy benefits and total relaxation.

It is as good as a hug? Maybe better. 🙂 Find out for yourself. The Neck Wrap can be yours in just a few clicks!

Matcha Reduces Eye Puffiness

Matcha Under-Eye Treatment

Here’s something neat that’s currently trending. You may have heard of matcha and its many health benefits. Maybe you even bought some to drink. Did you know that matcha can also improve your facial appearance?

Check out this Matcha Preparation for Under the Eyes. Add this to your at-home spa pampering kit. It’s simple and fun to use.

The high vitamin C content means these matcha under-eye patches will get right to work giving your facial skin an antioxidant boost to tighten, tone, and reduce puffiness. You’ll also find aloe vera as a main ingredient which is known to heal, repair and soothe the skin.

Fit King’s Air Massager to Soothe Aching Legs

Improve circulation to the legs, ease leg fatigue and relieve sore leg muscles. Do your legs hurt? Maybe you get leg cramps or you have sore calves from running.

Your legs might ache as a result of reduced movement from sitting at your computer desk all day. Who knows why your legs hurt, but you don’t have to live with this pain. Luckily, you can now be your own at-home therapist thanks to this wonderful leg massaging machine.

Comfortably slips on to deliver soothing vibrations and increase blood flow to the leg muscles. With handy push-button control, adjustable velcro, multiple vibration speeds and many other features. When you can’t get out for a professional massage, stay in and strap on your handy leg massager instead.

Lavender at-Home Spa Gift Basket

Lavender has a well-earned reputation for bringing relaxation to the nervous system. Sink into a lavender-scented bath and soak away your tension and stress for a tired-all-over feeling that will ease you into bed time and a restful night’s sleep.

This lavender spa gift basket makes the perfect gift for your wife, mom or any special lady in your life who could use some extra pampering. With hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help moisturize and soften dry skin

Comfy Heated Therapy Mittens

Here’s a hot item (wordplay intended) if you or your loved ones have been feeling the effects of too much computer time. Stiff, aching fingers, carpal tunnel and cramping hands are all becoming common issues in today’s tech based society.

This is a really neat product designed to relieve those issues and also deliver warm, soothing relaxation. Restore hand and finger mobility, ease pain, and enjoy the benefits of lavender aromatherapy with these cute and comfy therapy mittens.

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