September 28, 2023

Best of Prepper Princess – Minimalist Living, Passive Income and Investment Tips

I tripped over Prepper Princess on YouTube at some point this summer. She’s a minimalist millionaire living in California. Her book, Living on Almost Nothing is available for purchase on Amazon.

To be clear: Prepper Princess became a millionaire by employing 3 different strategies:

  • Investing in the stock market
  • Setting up multiple income streams, including real estate
  • Extreme frugal living

Any income she generates from her book sales goes to charity. How? Prepper Princess is financially free… the bulk of income she generates is from other sources. The book project is what I would call her “giveback.” Nice move, PP. I respect that.

Prepper Princess owns her own home which she paid for in cash. She lives on passive income from a variety of sources, and leads an extremely frugal lifestyle.

While some of the ways she claims to live don’t match my own preference and might not match yours either, she certainly shares a good amount of practical advice that anyone would benefit from hearing.

Prepper Princess: Stock Investment Starter Tips

One of Prepper Princess’s income sources is her investments. Serious interest kicked on for me when I discovered her videos about how to invest in the stock market.

Recently, though, it looks like Prepper Princess is being pulled down by haters in the comments. I’ve seen a few of her videos pop up where she attempts to defend herself.

I don’t watch these because this type of drama is a total waste of time… and time is money. So I’m waiting for Prepper Princess to recover from this setback, and return to posting advice that people can use.

In the meantime, I thought I’d support Prepper Princess by sharing a “Best of” her videos on YouTube:

Best of Prepper Princess – Author of Living on Almost Nothing, available on Amazon (all proceeds go to charity)

Video 1: From Zero to Millionaire: How to Start Investing

Video 2: 60 Years Old and Nothing Saved? What to Do

Video 3: How to Make Money on YouTube

Video 4: How to Live Easily Below the Poverty Line

Video 5: Millionaire Minimalist: How Prepper Princess Balances Her Budget

Video 6: Why Do Poor People Stay Poor?

Video 7: Cheap Pleasures Equals Financial Freedom

Video 8: Stock Market for Beginners

Video 9: How a Millionaire Minimalist Handles Their Monthy Income

Support Prepper Princess’s “giveback” initiative. All proceeds from the purchase of her book, Living on Almost Nothing, are donated to charity.