March 23, 2023

“Chocolate in the Oven” Bakery & Ice Cream Shop in Milford: for Valentine’s Day, or Any Day

Today I saw a picture of delicious-looking, chocolate-covered Valentine’s Day shortbread on Facebook. And then, after Liking or perhaps even “Loving” the post, I did something completely unexpected. I actually made a plan to show up at the place that makes and sells them. Not in the future… I did all of this TODAY.

Do you ever do that? See something on social media and it causes you to take almost immediate action? That’s the effect that freshly prepared baked goods has on some of us. Today I got in my car, drove to the bakery, ordered the heart-shaped shortbread cookies… and yes, they were delicious. I also bought scooter pies… I think the bakery might refer to them as “Homemade Oreos”?… 3 of each type of treat, for a total of six early Valentine’s Day goodies to share with my son and his dad.

Where did I go? Chocolate in the Oven, in Milford, NJ. I’ve decided that 2020 is the year I break out of my shell, come out of hiding from behind the computer screen, and start living. So since my Facebook/real world friends have been talking about this place for, oh, at least a good five years maybe more… I took action today and was rewarded for my effort.

Upon setting foot in the Chocolate in the Oven Bakery, I was immediately and acutely aware of an incredible aroma. That smell pretty much clinched the deal… it was utterly intoxicating and I was powerless to resist. The source of the heavenly aroma could have been any number of delectable temptations… cookies, brownies, confections, ice cream? All of the above?

By the time my car was once again parked in my own driveway, I just had to become intimately acquainted with what was inside that white cardboard box. So, right there in the driver’s seat with the keys still in the ignition, I popped open the top, and what do you know… that heavenly aroma came wafting out yet again. It turned out to be the smell of, guess what… chocolate in the oven.

Even though the picture of shortbread hearts on Facebook is what roped me in, once I laid eyes on the scooter pies or homemade Oreos as they’re also known, I just had to dive into those first. They were so exquisite that I immediately forced myself to back away from the box so as not to devour the other treats that were meant for my family. And YES… THAT was it! The “chocolate in the oven” WAS my order of 3 scooter pies. I should have ordered more, and yes, they were THE BEST scooter pies I have EVER eaten. 🙂

So, in my excitement for sharing my experience of eating freshly baked scooter pies and shortbread heart cookies on a Wednesday afternoon, I skipped over the details of my bakery visit. First, I got to meet the owner, creative baker Cathy Laguardia, busy taking orders at the counter and who was totally cool with me scurrying around snapping pictures for this blog post.

Now that I’m back on their Facebook page, I’m suddenly remembering her talking about today being National Nutella Day. But honestly there was so much to look at and sniff up that I immediately forgot about what she had just said!

Also, I met an awesome local real estate agent, Alison Stem, who was there buying a special bakery treat for her little guy as a congrats on his first day of preschool. She heard I was doing something for a blog, and took immediate interest. Then she and her two dudes posed for a few photos, sweet!

Chocolate in the Oven promises far more than meets the eye, and they have something for everyone. A revisit to their Facebook page revealed that they offer cake decorating classes for kids, and they do special orders such as fresh baked pretzels for the Super Bowl which I evidently and unfortunately missed!

Outside the shop, they’ve placed a little table where you can sit and sip your specialty coffee, made to order on the premises. They offer a drool-worthy selection of freshly baked goodies, which is better conveyed to you through pictures which I’ll post here. And… if you’re in the mood for something cold and creamy, take a peek at the ice cream flavors of the day.

I also couldn’t help noticing the catering and custom cake order menus. If you stop in, you can grab one to start planning your next party.

Lots to love about at the Chocolate in the Oven Bakery of Milford, NJ. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Why not stop in there and pick up something delicious to share with your sweethearts this February 14?

Chocolate in the Oven, LLC
53 Bridge Street, Milford, NJ 08848
908 268 5571

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