September 25, 2023

“Crack Slaw” Healthy Summer Food and What to Do With It

A while back I came across this recipe on Facebook that looked pretty good. It was for “crack slaw”.

The gist of it was, combine slaw ingredients such as cabbage, carrot, a little onion and maybe cucumber if you like, and toss it all with an Asian dressing.

Cook seasoned beef in a pan, drain the fat and then sprinkle over a bowl of this slaw mix to have for lunch or dinner.

I had never eaten anything like this so I shared it around. But then I was in Target and I came across this bag of done-for-you crack slaw.

I bought it, ate it, and I really, really liked it. It really is like crack. I was just telling some people, this stuff could turn me vegan… and that’s saying a lot.

What is Crack Slaw?

It’s basically cabbage, carrot and maybe a little lettuce, like I said, with a hint of cilantro. Inside the bag you get your own little pouch of Asian dressing, and another little baggie containing slivered almonds and those fried noodles that they serve in Chinese restaurants which no one eats.

(Okay, my dad eats and even claims to love them, but I’ve literally never seen anyone else eat them.)

How to make crack slaw from a bag

It takes under 3 minutes to remove a large mixing bowl from the cabinet, and dump the contents of this package into the bowl, then stir with a big spoon.

Because I’m fancy, I also pour on extra oil, sesame if I have it and olive if I don’t. I also sprinkle in garlic powder because I looovvvve garlic. But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

You can eat it immediately, but it is nice when the cabbage and other veggies get to marinate for a bit in the Asian dressing.

A good thing to do is mix this up and then stash it in the fridge for when you come home and make dinner later.

The crack slaw recipe with seasoned beef that I just described is only the beginning.

Other options for serving crack slaw include…

Enjoy as a vegan lunch.

Add to a bowl along with maybe a third cup of brown rice. Sprinkle on some toasted cashews or your other favorite kind of nut, like macadamia.

Add to fish tacos.

So quick and easy. Cook fish fresh or use leftover from the day before. Heat the fish, lay out tortillas. Place fish on the tortilla and add a scoop of the slaw to each. Serve with avocado, hot sauce and a sprinkle of cheese if desired

Make turkey slaw wraps.

Lay a tortilla out flat and add two big slices of turkey lunch meat. Add a spoonful or two of the slaw. Tuck, roll, slice in half and enjoy.

Toss a little in your soup.

You can take ordinary chicken noodle soup and put some leftover chicken meat in along with a few scoops of the slaw. Heat and eat!

Add to a stir fry.

Sizzle up some shrimp in a big pan with coconut oil. Set aside. Chop up some extra veggies like green pepper and zucchini. Stir fry with garlic and your favorite Asian sauce… or just soy sauce. Add the slaw mix and cook through, stirring frequently.

You can get a bag of Asian slaw mix in ShopRite, Target and other similar stores. They’re typically located near the lettuce.

Makes cooking easy, healthy and delicious!