September 28, 2023

Does Garlic Ward off Vampires? What About Respiratory Illness? Hilltop Herbals of Easton, PA Sets the Record Straight

The clinical therapeutic benefits of ingesting raw garlic are widely known, but the sharp taste inhibits our best intentions.

The fermentation process turns the garlic into a golden brown color and mellows the sharp taste into a sweet,chewy texture.

The fermentation process not only changes the taste of garlic, but also enhances the bioavailability of the many phytochemicals such as allicin, ajoene and quercetin.

These sulfur compounds and flavonoids are responsible for the therapeutic activity such as a cardiotonic, immune stimulant, effective for lung disorders ( bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough), assists in liver detoxing, and colds and flu.

It is highly effective for upper and lower respiratory dysfunction.

Ward off colds and flu… and maybe a few vampires too? Garlic infused honey from Hilltop Herbals.

Garlic infused honey from Hilltop Herbals tastes quite delicious spread on toast with some melty brie cheese.

There is no clinical evidence of vampire disruption!!

Garlic honey is now available for purchase at the Hilltop Herbals Apothecary, located inside the Belle Ame Eco Boutique of Easton, PA.


34 North Second Street in Easton, PA

Limited quantities, so stop in and pick some up on your way about Easton!

Information submitted by:

Cheryl Karcher, Clinical Herbalist at Hilltop Herbals

Herbals Apothecary now located inside Belle Ame Eco Boutique 34 North Second Street Easton PA. Cheryl is also available to host informative herbal healing lectures and hands-on workshops.


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