December 11, 2023

Adopt Alphie | Warren County NJ Animal Shelter “Common Sense for Animals” Featured Dog

Our Dog of the Week: Adorable Alphie!

Back on March 15, 2012, CSA (Common Sense for Animals pet adoption center and animal shelter in Stewartsville, NJ Warren County) rescued a little brown and white puppy and his sibling from North Carolina.

Two weeks later, this little ball of love was already on to bigger and better things and going to his forever home with his brother in tow.

Over the years, these two cuties were seemingly loved and cared for with regular vet office visits, however for some unknown reason, these two boys always wanted to run away from home.

Several times over the years, they ended up at our shelter, picked up by local authorities and we would have to ask the owner to please come pick up his precious babies he adopted.

Until finally, Alphie and his brother arrived for the final time, never to see their owner again, despite our calls.

One can only hope there is some logical reason he would abandon his precious 9 year old babies.

9 years old… a whopping 39 lbs… Sadness in his little eyes as people pass him by. I wish I could take his pain away. Is there anyone out there who has room to open their heart to poor little sweet Alphie? He is a fine gentleman and he still gets silly like a puppy in our play yard. He would love to have a new home of his own where he can spend his remaining years.

Please come meet sweet Alphie. He is our special dog of the week!

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