September 21, 2023

Total Health Sample Menu

There are so many different eating plans to choose from these days. Heard about Total Health and want to know more?

We have a local health coach in our midst, Jennifer Kaye, who shares a ton of helpful information on Facebook about this healthy lifestyle program.

Curious about what you can eat in a single day on the Total Health program?

Jen breaks it down with a simple graphic for today’s content share.

Breakfast: Shake

Morning snack: Waffle

Lunch: Pepper tuna melt

Afternoon snack: Brownie Bagel

Dinner: Shrimp Avocado Zucchini noodles

She says:

Get creative!! Can’t believe you can eat like this EVERY DAY and lose weight and get healthy!! Love this program!!!

You can too! Send me a message.



Embark on Your Transformation

Jennifer Kaye is a health and fitness coach who works with clients to set goals for the Total Health program. She leads Garage Zoom exercise classes and works as a certified TRX, Spin, RealRyder and group fitness instructor. Jen shares tons of delicious program-approved recipes and is a daily source of inspiration and healthy perspective.

Connect with Jen on Facebook if you’d like more information about her weight loss, health and fitness success program. She can be contacted via private message.