September 25, 2023

Escarole and Beans Recipe from Amy’s Best Dishes

Escarole and beans makes a hearty and delicious soup for a fall evening. There are many ways to prepare it. For example, sometimes I like to put sausage in mine. Amy of Amy’s Best Dishes posts a play-by-play of her rendition of this classic, Italian soul food recipe on TikTok. Here’s a summary of how she makes hers…

Step 1: Clean and prep the escarole.

Amy suggests that you rinse and drain the escarole several times, as this vegetable does tend to hold a lot of dirt from the garden.

Step 2: Steam the escarole in a big pot of water. Add salt. Let cook for a few minutes, then drain.

Step 3: Sautee garlic, oil, fresh Italian parsley in the bottom of the big pot, then add pancetta pieces and some red pepper flakes.

(Omit pancetta if keeping this vegetarian.)

Step 4: Add the escarole back in. Then pour in 2 cans of beans – Amy uses cannellini and red kidney beans here.

Want more? View the Escarole and Beans Recipe Video on TikTok here:

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