September 26, 2023

Done-for-You Content Deals and Steals

Hey gang. If you’re out there pushing your own products on the internet, feeling overwhelmed by all the content that you have to create to get anywhere, let me give you a little insider secret tip.

People who make a lot of money with websites don’t write all their content on their own.

They also don’t pay thousands to writers. I know, because that’s what I do for a living.

There’s something called done-for-you content and you need to start looking for it if you want to keep on going with your website publishing, digital product creation and social media effort.

Speaking of social media. I’m mad at Facebook.

I don’t care who knows. My pages haven’t worked right for more than 6 months and therefore I don’t pay for advertising there.

Anyway, back to done-for-you content.

It doesn’t matter what niche you publish in. You can find some form of pre-written content to help you publish information that benefits your readers.

There’s a whole mess of PLR content sales going on now that you should know about. This industry is called PLR and that stands for private label rights. You get the right to publish this content and turn it into web marketing or information products that you sell.

The only rules are basically that you want to take the originator’s name off the content and that most PLR sellers don’t want you reselling their PLR as PLR. If that makes sense.

Also, if you buy content like this you seriously might want to change the headlines, switch the order of points around, and rewrite the first paragraph or two.

You don’t have to do any of that, but it will be better if you do.

Here’s an important tip, most of the people who sell content are people like me working from home. We have websites where you can log in, create your own membership and access your content over and over.

So that’s even more of a value for you. We’re holding your content for you in case you lose it. So let’s say you pay 10 bucks for 10 articles. You don’t know where you put them. Come on back to my website. They are located in your member area to download again because you bought them and they’re yours. That’s huge.

So here’s what’s happening in the world of done-for-you content. Don’t miss these sales!

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If this sounds exciting to you, sign up for my PLR membership here.

You get to test drive our articles for free and there are plenty at the top menu once you log in.