September 25, 2023

Time for a Mental Reset | from Suzanne

Today I am going to put some powerful work in and press the Ctl Alt Delete Reset button of my mind. When stresses accumulate, when toxic people show back up, when the ways and behaviors of this world are heavy on me…I need a reset.

It’s so easy for any us to be persuaded back into old patterns of unhealthy eating, invitations to our destructive habits and addictions can arrive wrapped in deceptive packaging….do not be fooled….and do not be led….be the leader.

Take time today to meet yourself on the roads and trails of your life. Be grateful of where you are, be accepting of where you have been, and be hopeful of where you are going. When the anvils and pressures sit heavy….hit Ctl Alt Delete…..clear your head space….and start over.

Every day we are given a new chance to re-arrange, re think, and re-adjust the choices and progress of who we are. Take your power back. Claim it, own it, and use it for good.

Our wealth, our health, and our prosperity are gained but only by the fruits of our labor. Grace is new every morning…..and may this road, and these sneakers continue to be the steady ground that has changed my life.


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