September 28, 2023

Saturday Strong | Support from Suzanne

This morning as I was lacing up to head out to enjoy the gift God has afforded me… I thought about something very important… the power of our words.

I can’t post names for obvious reasons of confidentiality… but I want to share this…

To the woman who sent me a private message yesterday admitting for the first time that alcohol is overtaking her… don’t give up. I have stood where you stand… there is hope

To the person who private messaged me yesterday feeling the lack of self worth and confidence to stand up to her own enemies… I have stood where you stand… there is hope.

To the brave soul that messaged me yesterday who stepped on the scale for the first time in a year, feeling depressed, defeated, but with a new sense of purpose she hadn’t felt in a while… I have stood where you stand… there is hope.

To the man who has recently shared some of his life with me, the pain of not wanting to live, the deep hurts of overthinking, and wanting to numb himself from this world… thank you for your sharing a part of you with me… and Yes, there is hope.

Our words our powerful. Kindness is free, and lending a helping hand can change the world…literally…….one person at a time.

I don’t have all the answers, I struggle, I sit with heavy things too. I fear, I pray, I contemplate, I hope, I trust, I love….

You want to see a better world? Then stop complaining and let’s “Be the change.

This run is for the wonderful people who have touched my heart… you know who you are… Now let’s get it!