September 25, 2023

Enjoy Ukrainian Borscht at the Krakus Polish Deli in Phillipsburg NJ

With the tragic situation unfolding in Ukraine, should we be surprised at the sudden surge of anti-Russian propaganda and boycotting of Russian named products? I thought I would counter the negatives with some pro Ukrainian.

Little do people know, we have our own source of Ukrainian fare right here in good old, Phillipsburg NJ.

The Ukrainian borscht that they serve from a crock pot on the counter is one of the best soups I’ve ever eaten.

Whenever I go into the Polish deli I make sure to bring home some delicious Ukrainian borscht and all of my favorites from the cold fridge of prepared foods.

I’ve been doing this for years and I’m still surprised that most people I talk to about this do not know what Ukrainian borscht is… and also do not know that they have it at the Polish deli by us. So let me put the word out.

Other delicious homemade selections are available to take out and enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Try out their amazing selection of homemade pierogies. Enjoy a steaming bowl of mushroom barley soup, thick and creamy with a hint of dill and hits the spot for the mushroom lovers.

I like to combine my entrees from the Polish deli. So when I get home I take out the cabbage pierogi and add a couple to a little pot of the borscht, along with a couple of scoops of what they call jelly pork.

I guess it’s some kind of pork roast that has been simmered with the bones and veggies to make a soup, and then chilled so that it looks like a jelly when you take it out of the refrigerator case.

Today I came across something that I have never had there before, goulash and yes it is very tasty.

You definitely do not need the salt and pepper shakers when you eat food from the Krakus Polish Deli. Everything is expertly seasoned and simmered to perfection with an array of healthful ingredients.

Oh! And they have some vegetarian and vegan soup selections too. I had my hand on a vegan vegetable soup which looked very hearty but then I swapped it out for mushroom barley.

I’ll talk more about the Ukrainian borscht since it truly has been my favorite and since we’re all about Ukraine what with the fighting going on. Unfortunately I have no control over that and I wish I could put it an end to it.

All I really have to offer is my compliments on this superb Ukrainian borscht. If anyone else out there knows of some wonderful Ukrainian food or recipes, why not share?

When things like this happen, somehow people always embrace the culture of the people who are in peril or under attack. It’s kind of weird but that’s humanity for you.

So for the Ukrainian borscht. Looks to me like they have cooked up some parsnips, carrots, shredded beets, cabbage, some kind of big flat beans which I’m not sure of the name of, and I think I detect a flavor of bay leaf and maybe some other herbs. What a beautiful, nourishing soup!

At the Krakus Deli they keep the shelves stocked with Polish favorites… like a healthful jarred salad made of carrots, cabbage, peppers and probably onions.

They offer a large selection of packaged and jarred foods like pickles, salads and sauerkraut. You’ll also find an array of herb teas, candies and such.

Oh and how can I forget the meat case and hanging kielbasa behind the front counter!

Last but not least, they have homemade Polish desserts, cakes, cookies and babka. Selection varies. Today I found some delightful almond horns that I could not resist.

Stop on by the deli on your way home from work! I assure you, dinner will be delicious and you’ll very likely have leftovers to enjoy.


Krakus Polish Deli
600 Elder Ave
Phillipsburg, NJ 0886
(908) 494-2366

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