September 25, 2023

Freshly Made Sleep Tea and Tonics | Hilltop Herbals Easton PA

“We are living in some rather stressful times, with anxiety, poor sleep, poor digestion / gut issues running rampant,” says Cheryl Karcher, licensed clinical herbalist of Hilltop Herbals of Easton, PA.

According to Cheryl, stress causes low grade chronic inflammation throughout the body and is the root cause of so many chronic diseases.

Keeping our body, mind and spirit strong and resilient is key to staying well.

Getting proper sleep, keeping anxiety in check is a good place to start.

Stop by the Apothecary tomorrow, Saturday, 11 to 3:30 for a fresh batch of sleep tea and other tonics to assist in your well being.

I will personally help you select a tea or tonic just for you. Sit a spell with a soothing tea sample!

Cheryl Karcher, Clinical Herbalist at Hilltop Herbals

Hilltop Herbals Apothecary now located inside Belle Ame Eco Boutique 34 North Second Street Easton PA. Cheryl works one-on-one with clients and hosts informative herbal healing lectures and hands-on workshops.


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