December 11, 2023

Fast Talking McDonald’s Guy in Pburg Makes My Day

I just wanted to do a little post about the young man who works at McDonald’s in Phillipsburg because he cracks me up.

You can tell that he is a motivated individual committed to doing his best at his job. Unlike many others who work in food service, his manner is brisk, and he speaks at a very energetic pace.

Usually by the time you are creeping along at the McDonald’s drive-thru, it is a point where you feel hungry, weak and slightly dazed. Or maybe that’s just me.

This McDonald’s worker does a good job of snapping the customer to attention with his upbeat demeanor and talent for hustling the orders along.

Every time we go there, I comment to my son that this McDonald’s guy reminds me of an auctioneer. Of course, he has no idea what I’m talking about, having never been to an auction of any type.

The last time we got some breakfast sandwiches at Mickey D’s I asked my friend the fast talking guy if he would like to be in the blog. He paused momentarily (but not for too long) to smile as I snapped a quick photo.

Then he said to me, in a slightly slower tempo than his usual lively pace when taking and repeating back orders, that he would happy to be on the blog. But he hopes that he does not end up looking “cringey” in the picture.

I find him to be very memorable and not at all cringey. I wish him well in his future career, food service or otherwise. This young man is a go-getter, and should be commended for his excellent service and dedication to the job.

Mcdonald’s, if you are tuning in, you might consider giving him a promotion or perhaps a pay raise.

I have no doubt that whatever he pursues in life–McDonald’s franchiser, food service worker, auctioneer or otherwise– he will approach the goal or task at hand with great enthusiasm, vigor and determination, speaking at a rapid pace.