September 28, 2023

Raised Bed Gardens are Better, Here’s Why

Wondering if it’s worth digging a raised bed garden in your backyard this year?

Raised garden beds mean that you can fit many more plants into a smaller space, worry less about watering and lessen the amount of weeds. Here’s more.

Raised bed gardens save you space.

In a raised bed garden you can plant more plants in a smaller square footage. That’s thanks to the mounted beds.

Roots grow downward toward where the water is, rather than spreading out in search of moisture and tangling with the roots of neighboring plants. 

Raised bed gardens are easier to plant in.

That’s because the soil is fluffier and looser. With traditional garden rows, you’re more likely to walk on top of the soil. This compacts the dirt and makes it more difficult to hold moisture.

Raised bed gardens cut down on weeds.

Plants tend to be larger and grow more closely together. Weeds simply don’t have room to spread when competing with your healthy and thriving garden plants.

Raised bed gardens deliver water to the roots.

Water always drains downward. That means you’re raised bed garden will attract moisture into the soil and hold it deep. With a flat garden bed, water tends to pool on top of the ground, flood the plants, and then evaporate in the hot sun, with less chance for absorption into the soil.

Raised bed gardens extend the growing season.

A raised bed garden is like having a basement for your house. A constant temperature is maintained for longer. The soil stays warmer later into the season because raised garden beds naturally insulate. It’s also relatively easy to protect plants from frost and wind.

Raised bed gardens offer more space to the farmer.

Because they’re more compactly sized at 4’x8′ or 4’x4′ depending on what you grow, the gardener is able to maneuver around the entire perimeter of the garden. This makes planting, watering, weeding and harvesting much easier.

Raised bed gardens make it easy for older and physically limited gardeners.

Of particular interest to the elderly and those with decreased mobility, raised bed gardens require less leaning and bending. You might even be able to do your weeding and picking from the comfort of a lawn chair!

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