September 21, 2023

Rental Store FAQ: All Your Questions Answered | Drake’s Rentals, Phillipsburg NJ

It’s almost wedding and party season! That means rentals. If you live near Warren County and need a reliable source for wedding rentals, party rentals, equipment rentals and related services, rely on Drake’s Rentals in Phillipsburg, NJ for all your rental needs. They rent out almost everything imaginable!

Drake’s Rentals Phillipsburg, NJ Rents Out Literally Everything.

I talked with Drake’s Rentals owner Michelle Hickey, to discover all there is to know about renting wedding, party equipment and construction equipment. Now I’m sharing what I learned with you!

Wedding Rentals, Lawn & Garden Rentals, Party Rentals, Construction Rentals, Oh My!

Party Rentals:  Tents, bounce rides, tables, chairs, dinnerware and much more
Wedding Rentals: Tents, tables, chairs,  dinnerware, staging and dance floor, audio and video equipment, wedding items, more
Lawn & Garden Rentals: Aerators, backhoes, chippers, mower, roller, thatcher tiller, seeder-slicer, edger, more
Construction Rentals: Air compressors and tools, backhoe, barricades, ladders, lifts, loader, mortar mixer, more

Okay: Let’s Start the Q&A Session with Drake’s Rentals

HHNJ: Hi Michelle, you’ve owned Drake’s Rentals for about 2 years. This is exciting! Even the new black and white sign on your building tells the story of a company who puts effort into small yet meaningful details. What’s different about your product offerings and policies?

MICHELLE: We’ve added much more selection including some unique party rental additions. Dunk tanks, quoits, life-size games like Connect 4, Jenga and Yahtzee. We also have popcorn machines, a hot dog roller, cotton candy machines, slushie maker… the list goes on.  We’re focusing on quality rental items, attention to detail and great service for our customers.

HHNJ: Wedding season is coming up fast. Drake’s Rentals does wedding tent setups, chairs for ceremonies and full catered party detail. That’s everything you would need to situate the DJ, bring in catered food, set up a bar area and add a dance floor space… plus fun enhancements. That is huge!

What should we know about your wedding tent setup and related services?

MICHELLE: We offer almost every wedding or party rental item you can think of. We have several wedding tents, three styles of folding chairs, arbor way, 6-ft. bar front, and much more. Check the full list on the gallery page of our website or under the main rental categories.

It’s your special day and you want everything to go smoothly. You’ll definitely want to give sufficient advance notice when ordering wedding rentals. Call us well in advance of your event date and we’ll get started working with you ASAP.

For wedding and party rentals, we provide free estimates and come out to the customer’s home or the site where the party will be held. We take measurements and ensure correct tent size, determine space for the ceremony staging, seating and party reception area, and attend to other important details.

Wedding tent setup and takedown is a fairly complicated process, and one that you would definitely want to put into the hands of an expert crew.

Good to Know: Wedding Rental Set-Up and Take-Down Service Can Take 8 Hours at Minimum from Start to Finish. That’s MINIMUM!

MICHELLE: An example of how we work: A larger tent requires a team of four men to do the set up work properly. This can take as long as 2 hours to load the tent, plus travel time from our rental store to your wedding destination. Then it takes 2 more hours to set up, 1 ½ hours to take down and 2 hours to restock plus cleaning time. Cleaning and sanitizing is very important especially now.

So when you hire Drake’s Rentals to handle your wedding setup, you can be sure our guys will be doing a thorough, timely and professional job.

HHNJ: You also provide rentals and setup for outdoor celebrations. Give me an overview of  fun events that people will likely need to rent special items and outsource the setup process.

MICHELLE: Graduations and backyard parties are coming up. We have inflatables, dunk tanks, backyard games including quoits, life-size Connect Four, life-size Jenga and Yahtzee. Also some fun specialty items like hot dog rollers, popcorn, cotton candy and frozen drink machines, snow cone machines and more.

Some up-front info about party rentals from Drake’s. It takes several hours to load, transport, deliver and set up your rented items at the location where you plan to host your party.

We bring in a professional team to assist with this process and make sure everything is seamless so you can relax and enjoy your day.

HHNJ: What’s your quarantine protocol?

MICHELLE: Our main COVID policy is that we provide contactless service. Customers can order and pay by phone and they don’t need to interact. If you had a need to come in you could call our business number ahead of time. Masks and distancing would be observed.

Wedding setups are more complicated. We do maintain a 6-ft distance during our on-site visits that are required in order to make job estimates. Our employees wear masks, and frequently hand wash as well as apply hand sanitizer. We sanitize all tents, tables and chairs and related items prior to renting them out.

HHNJ: Michelle, thank you for taking time to talk with me about Drake’s Rentals! It sounds like you have some exciting things in store. 

For more info and a free estimate, visit Drake’s Rentals Phillipsburg, NJ on their website at

Drake’s Rentals is located on Route 22 West in Phillipsburg, close to the Hillcrest Mall.

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