September 28, 2023

Running Toward Recovery | Suzanne’s Story

Why do you do it? I frequently get asked this question by many. How do you find inner motivation? How do you wake up and find time?

For me, the answer is simple. Not going back to a place of discontentment. Why should we settle? Why should we let people, places and things carve out the person we are? Our circumstances may be crappy, or seem minute.

Our pasts may seem daunting, unjust or just average. If you want to be a force of nature, wake up and do the work. Let the lessons of life guide you. Take small steps to release your crap, and say yes to challenge and change.

You are responsible for you. The haters will hate, the naysayers will vomit venom, the critics will judge. Get in your tunnel and light it up. Let the world see what you can do.

You don’t have to be the best or the fastest. You just have to be consistent. I promise you, someone is watching. Teach them something worth learning.🖤

An 18-mile run at the Jersey shore was Suzanne’s very first step on the road to overcoming her food and alcohol addictions. She has been running ever since.

Read her story, recently featured on Run to Change Lives.

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