September 28, 2023

Meet the Hot Sauce Boss of Hunterdon, NJ: Whitehouse Station Sauce

Feeling saucy? Explore the bold and complex flavors of Whitehouse Station Sauce.

Proudly crafted with care right here in Hunterdon, NJ by John Kasper and son John Kasper Jr., this is no ordinary hot sauce.

It’s sourced from homegrown peppers; handpicked straight from Kasper’s garden; and expertly blended with other, high quality ingredients.

The Kasper family brings a love of gardening, culinary expertise and creative innovation to their locally celebrated hot and sweet pepper sauce product.

When not working at their regular day jobs, the father and son team (John Kasper and John Kasper, Jr.) stays busy blending, cooking and bottling beautiful, healthy and delicious hot sauce varieties right in their own kitchen. 

John Kasper, Jr. affords their enterprise with strong culinary skills, having graduated with a culinary degree from the renowned Johnson & Wales University of Rhode Island, and developed his career working as a chef in high end restaurants throughout our part of NJ.

Whitehouse Station Sauce: A Winning Product

In 2021, Whitehouse Station Sauce was honored with Hunterdon Happening’s 2021 Specialty Food award.

Whitehouse Station Sauce: Varieties of Hot Sauces

Whitehouse Station Sauce isn’t just any hot sauce. It’s made from several hot and spicy pepper varieties grown in the Kasper’s own backyard garden. As you can imagine, this makes it one very special sauce indeed. Varieties of their hot sauce include the following:

  • Applewood Smoked Poblano-Jalapeno Sauce
  • Zavory Habanero Sauce
  • White Peach Habanero Sauce
  • Jalapeno Sauce
  • Habanero Sauce
  • Carolina Reaper Sauce

Find Their Website at

First time trying Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce? Go with the 3-bottle sampler.

This trifecta of home grown, homemade hot sauce goodness makes a great gift. Purchase online from the comfort of your couch!

Order hot sauce right from the homepage of their website, here.

Fun Fact: Hot Sauce is Good for Your Health

  • The compound Capsaicin which naturally occurs in hot pepper varieties boasts powerful health properties such as being antioxidant and antiviral. It’s also a known, natural blood thinner.
  • Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce was originally created as an attempt to cure heartburn. It worked!
  • Hot pepper is considered a warming spice due to its stimulant activity. Hot peppers cleanse the blood, improve cardiovascular health and can lower blood pressure if made a regular part of one’s diet.
  • All pepper varieties are high in vitamin C, which means they naturally boost the immune system.

Because Whitehouse Sauce is locally grown in John Kasper’s own carefully tended NJ garden, people who enjoy it on their food get a boost of extra nutrition. Enjoy good food and good health!

Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce is Available for Purchase at The Below Locations in Hunterdon, NJ

Pick up a bottle (or several of them) of John Kasper’s Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce right here in Hunterdon, NJ. They’re available at:

  • Bishop’s Market
  • Bishop’s Wine & Spirits in Whitehouse Station section of Readington
  • Basil Bandwagon in Flemington
  • Suzie’s Hot Shoppe in New Hope, Pennsylvania

Here’s a video review of Whitehouse Station Hot Sauce!

About Whitehouse Station Sauce

Whitehouse Station Sauce is a family owned and operated company located in scenic Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  It is the brainchild of Jon Kasper a culinary graduate of the prestigious Johnson and Wales University.  We hope you enjoy our gourmet sauces.  From our kitchen to your table!


Whitehouse Station Sauce
3 Far Knoll Lane
Whitehouse Station, N.J. 08889
Phone:(908) 285-8318