September 21, 2023

Featured Service: “Facebook Business Page to WordPress Website”

A lot of companies manage to get a Facebook business page up and running. But then they run out of steam (read: time) to create a website.

Are you someone like this? It’s really important to have a business website. Facebook is part of a new conglomerate. Who knows what will happen next? You want to show up on Google when people search.

I’m offering a service that’s practically effortless for you. Give me basic details about your business. Then direct me to your Facebook business page. I’ll take whatever you’ve posted there, and turn it into your own company website.

Price: depends on how much content you have already in existence. Could be $500. Could be $1500.

Let’s talk! Email info @ healthyhappynj .com or healthyhappynj @ gmail .com (no spaces)