September 25, 2023

Outsource Your Web Marketing and Content Publishing.

I’m Dina. I work as a NJ copywriter and marketing expert.  Here’s what I can handle for you.

Basic pages of your business or hobby website…

…Such as Home, About, Services, Products, Contact. Your business website should come up when people hear your name and go searching to learn more about you. Your website is the HOME BASE of your business enterprise. So, let’s get it going!

Building your list.

I just want to throw in that you should be collecting email subscribers FROM your website and social media pages.

Think about it. How awesome it would be to say to yourself, “I’d like to run a sale today” and then make a little money IMMEDIATELY.

How it works: Your list wants a deal. So you set up a product montage or discount your services. Type the email. Hit send. Orders come in. Money hits bank account. DONE.

Article writing.

You need so much content to start getting known in your niche! I speed-write web articles. What industry are you in?

Email me a list of topics you’d like to teach people more about. You should be publishing content like this on your blog, in your socials and sending it out in email as well. I can assist. Content writing is like breathing to me.

Copywriters also handle print advertising, such as…

Postcard campaigns.

Postcards work great for a seasonal business. Send them out when you want clients to sign up for services in a timely fashion. Mail out one postcard one per calendar season. Or, send several throughout one single season, to advertise multiple service offerings or products.

Example: someone who offers garden planting services could send FOUR spring postcards. One covering garden-bed prep. One on composting. One about your planting services. One on watering and garden care for summer vacation.

I can help you plan and create something like this for your business, no matter what niche you’re in.

Author bios.

Maybe you’re publishing a book, or starting a website or advice column. You need to sum up your personal accomplishments and career history. Your social media profiles and guest blog posts require author bios of varying lengths. So does your press page. Send me the info, I’m on it.

Naming projects, tagline brainstorms.

These can be pretty fun for creative writers. It’s what we’re born for. I’ll come up with a page or two, for a couple hours of work. Or I can pull a few writer friends in on the project.

A landing page, squeeze page or sales page to sell your digital or physical product.

The smartest experts know that there’s life and profit potential beyond hourly service bookings. A large chunk of your audience will bite for paid digital products. They need help solving life problems, setting and achieving goals. They want to learn new things… skills, strategies, techniques that YOU already know and can teach them.

After you create the product, you need a sales page that warms people up to the idea. You want to list all the pertinent details here. Then you want to give them a deal and an easy way to purchase online. I create all of this for my copywriting clients.

Digital product creation.

So you liked what you read in the prior section. But you’ve never created a digital product. I can absolutely help you with this.

Lots of people secretly purchase ebooks to help solve problems they’re embarrassed about. Reach them with a niche website, and a matching ebook or course.

We all have the same problems, but each person thinks their own issue is very catastrophic, private and unique to them. They need help URGENTLY.

Under the cover of night, they’re wildly searching for someone who can help them solve their pressing life issue.

It could be something like potty training toddlers… getting your dog to stop barking… repairing your broken marriage… getting rid of acne or any number of woes.

If you want to create ebooks to help people solve problems, live better and be happy, I am the person to speak with.

I can work with you on both the actual product creation AND the sales page copywriting to advertise your digital product.

I’ll give an example. Maybe you invented a special dog collar that reduces barking. This is something that you can run through all of the pain points, then direct people toward your product as the solution.

Sounds exciting? You want another income stream? Let’s talk.

Your marketing “funnel” or email series.

Copywriters can also work with you to create a series of emails. This is called your marketing funnel. It’s a funnel because of the visual. First you give them a freebie and that drops them into the funnel. Spin them through with several more upsells via email.

Pace out your emails every few days or so. Your emails will present helpful hints, plus upsells for your reader to consider. This is definitely something a copywriter can manage.

Business communication templates.

I like this one a lot. A copywriter can help you create email communication templates to use in your business. These are ideal to cut down on time spent training new employees. They will also help you majorly save hours spent emailing back and forth with prospects and customers.

If you’d like to create boilerplate copy to use in your small business, let me know. I love this type of work. I’ll step right into the nitty gritty of your business like it were my own!

(But I won’t hang out too long– only as long as you need me.)

What else do freelance copywriters do?

We handle print marketing jobs. I’ll help you write your magazine ads and newspaper ads; create flyers, prepare copy for your sales brochure and much more.

Why a copywriter? Can’t your admin do this?

It’s possible that she can, but I don’t know your admin or her experience level. Copywriters know how to write persuasively. We also know marketing tricks. Our writing is generally tighter and more purposed than the average person’s.

A copywriter would know that it’s a good practice to state your business name a minimum of three times for a single page of copy. Why? Repeating the name of your brand helps cement that word or phrase in people’s minds. They’ll think of you next time they need what you offer.

There are more copywriting tricks, but I have to get going… and I’m sure you do, too.

Hire Dina for Your Next Copywriting or Marketing Project

Email me if you’d like to try a small project: info @ healthyhappynj .com (no spaces)