September 26, 2023

Free Facebook Marketing Tip: If You Want Your Audience to Take Action, Show Up, Book Now, Etc., Don’t Forget to Do This

Hi there, it’s Dina from Healthy Happy NJ here. Wanted to toss you a quick Facebook marketing tip.

This is really important because this quarantine has everyone confused and distracted. You want them to follow through and take action, NOT space out and wander away from your carefully crafted post, never to return.

Here’s how to get people to take ACTION after viewing your Facebook business posts and events.

Did you know that it’s NOT enough just to post a picture (or series of them) on FB with a little intro blurb?

I’m putting this here because videos are good for your blog traffic (that’s the other free tip)… BUT I also know that unless it’s a hilarious cat video, most people aren’t probably going to watch. Hell, I wouldn’t! 😉 So the video is for Google and the written message is for you.

Below, I’ll give you the tip now, in writing, because I wish more people would do that when they post videos. That way, if you’re like me and you enjoy silence, you can get the message without having to hear people talk.

The tip is this:

When you post an update on your Facebook business page, you MUST NOT FORGET this critical, final step.

  1. Type your post.
  2. Upload however many pictures you want to share in the post.
  3. Add contact info and a call to action to the CAPTION area of EACH picture associated with that post.

Your message that you include in the caption of EACH picture should tell people the following:

  • WHO you are (company, organization, etc.)
  • WHAT is going on (event, promotion, etc.)
  • WHAT they should do next (Sign up via this link; Email us at []; Call us at (555-555-5555) to book your consult today.
  • WHERE to go next (i.e. give them a direct link)


“Come out for our Car Wash event at Barry’s Bagels on Sat, 6/20 at 11 am. To sign up, click this link.”

Another huge reason to include ALL the pertinent info in EVERY picture caption associated with the post:

No matter which picture they clicked on in the post, your reader can easily take a screen shot. The screen shot stores the pertinent info on his or her phone. The picture will jog their memory for later when they have more time to decide if they want to do whatever this thing is that you hope they’ll do.

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