September 28, 2023

Get a GREAT Haircut at Bob’s Family Barber Shop in Great Meadows, NJ

I have shouted out Bob’s Family Barber Shop of Warren County, NJ before in this blog, and for good reason.

Their tagline, “Our prices will bring you in and our haircuts will bring you back”, pretty much tells the story.

Located in Great Meadows NJ, Bob’s Family Barber Shop is on the left if you’re driving east on Route 46 from Belvidere to Hackettstown.

While the words barber shop likely attract a mostly male clientele, these girls are skilled at cutting hair and can absolutely deliver fast, good haircuts to everyone in your family… including Mom, Dad, the kids, Grandma and Grandpa alike.

I bring my son into Bob’s and we are always happy with how his hair turns out. We also enjoy having a friendly chat with the hair stylists, not to mention appreciate the clean and tidy surroundings and whimsical decor.

Cheryl gave me a quick trim and light layering today, and I’m quite pleased with the results as well as the price tag.

If basic, good haircuts are your thing, definitely stop in to Bob’s.

Freshly shorn! Feeling good.

As I’ve mentioned before, I personally am not into making appointments. So it’s great that you can just walk into this place, sit down and in a few minutes get yourself a nice, fresh haircut.

Blowouts and styling do cost extra, but for those of us who would prefer to opt out of those, Bob’s delivers… that means extra savings on a haircut for you.

Right now it is July 2023. It’s possible their schedule may change in the future, but they’re currently open Tuesday through Saturday if you feel like doing a walk-in.

Here’s a current list of their services and pricing:

Contact Info:

Bob’s Family Barber Shop
432 US-46, Great Meadows, NJ 07838
Phone: 908 637 0060