September 21, 2023

Good Friday Morning from Suzanne

Good Friday Morning from New Jersey! An unexpected day off for me means my sneakers got to hit the cold chilly pavement this morning.

As we approach this season of Thanksgiving, I realize more and more just how much life has given me. Seeing my breath hit the cold air…feeling alive as my heart pumps fast, and my lungs burn…all knowing that not everyone gets to do this, and what a true gift it is to be able to be active, and well.

The human body is an amazing masterpiece. Our senses, taste, touch, our eyes to see all that is created wonderfully….we can use our senses for things recognizable….but it’s our hearts that make us the incredible humans we are.

Face all possibilities today with a relentless flow of love and happiness. The dark will always continue to try to conceal our trueness within…..but the heart know us…and is ever attentive to allow tenderness and dismiss fear.

Run, work, play and do all things today with an appreciation for your heart. Respond to the call of life and may your presence shine brightly… A loving heart with always awaken the spirit of possibility….go forth and start living! May all troubled hearts find hope, may the eyes of your heart open today….and may today be the day destiny draws you in #hopedealer

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