September 25, 2023

How to Be a Food Blogger Using Private Label Recipes to Create Income Online

Do you ever wonder why so many people have food blogs and share recipes online? It’s because this type of content is totally VIRAL and gets shared like crazy.

The good news is, you don’t have to create recipes from scratch every time. I have sources of content for you that are already written and photographed.

Kitchen Bloggers PLR recipe content is PERFECT for making into TikTok videos and monetizing them.

Now, you also have other viral video options to create cash by sharing content online. YouTube and Facebook Reels have upped their game.

I have dabbled in video, though I mainly stick to my main love: writing.

I’ve posted recipe videos before, and they get exponentially more views than any other type of video content I’ve shared.

This tells me people are making decent bank doing this, and you can, too. PLUS… you feed people in the process.

That right there is a reason to go all in as a food blogger. AND YES – you should share the recipes on your blog ALONG WITH the videos.

Like this:

  • Pick a recipe to share.
  • Start off the blog post with a compelling title that tells what the recipe is, and an inspiring lead-in first paragraph or a few of them.
  • Share the ingredients and steps to make the recipe.
  • Share photos: the final product, the ingredients, and in-process photos.
  • Embed the VIDEO of the recipe into the blog post itself.
  • Style subheads as H2, H3 etc throughout the post.
  • Also add Amazon product links to the blog post. So if your blog post is about cooking meat, you might share cutting boards, tenderizers and meat thermometers.
  • Share the post on your favorite social sharing sites.
  • Share the video on your fave video platforms where you hang out AND link back to the blog post that shares how to make the recipe.
  • Invite people to sign up for your list at the bottom of the recipe post on your blog. Add a call to action and link to sign up.
  • Send the same blog post content in email form (you have to use soft returns to create line breaks and complete URLS or it comes out looking funny).

Okay! Now to Kitchen Bloggers. NOBODY creates better recipe content with private label rights.

The owner, Elisa, is running a 50% off all Kitchen Bloggers food blog and recipe content. They cover TONS of popular and sought-after themes. These include:

Instant Pot Recipes

Keto and low-carb

Healthy Holiday Meals (Paleo)

and much more!!

Today is the last day (Dec 4) to order for 50% off and use the code SEVEN times! 

To take advantage of the discount extension, just use coupon code KB_22ThankYOU_50 at checkout.

Valid through TONIGHT, Sunday, December 4th.

But even if you miss the sale, it’s still a crazy low price for such beautifully created content that you get to share and make money with.

I challenge you to take just ONE of these artfully presented, healthy and delicious recipes and turn it into video content and a blog post using the instructions I’ve provided. Let me know how it goes for you.

Again. Coupon code is KB_22ThankYOU_50.

Just copy that directly in and don’t accidentally pick up the period.

Visit Kitchen Bloggers here to pick and choose from their amazing recipe collection to share with your audience of food enthusiasts.

Thank you for making it to the bottom. Wishing you a PROFITABLE and productive (and DELICIOUS) week!