September 28, 2023

How to Make a Passive Income Website

What Kind of Passive Income Can You Earn from a Website? How Do You Do This?

You have probably visited a website that you found doing a Google search. An expert was talking about a topic that you wanted to learn more about.

Maybe that individual had Google AdSense peppered throughout their blog. Maybe they had some eBooks or email challenges to sign up for.

That meant they were monetizing their content. And you should, too.

If you love to share information, and you’re active on social media but not getting anything for all your hard work, it’s time to get real and get a website or blog. 

What to put on it? Tips, videos, ebooks for download. PAID information products. AdSense. I just summed it up but let’s go deeper.

Websites to Make Passive Income

How to Generate Passive Income from Your Website

If you are only posting on social media, you’re missing the boat. All of those tips that you type out and share every day. They should be posted on a blog or website so that you can monetize the content.

If you’ve never blogged before, it’s easier than you think.

  • Order hosting and a domain name first.
  • Then set up a WordPress site or something similar like Wix or SquareSpace.
  • Start posting every day.
  • Monetize the content.
  • Share links to your blog posts on social media. 

This is the correct way to do it that will get you earning money.

Below, you’ll find the most common ways to create passive income with a website.

Passive Income Online: Quick Breakdown of the Steps

Set up your website to create passive income. Here’s how to monetize your content the RIGHT way.

Create and gather informational content.

Write  articles, or create videos about your niche topic of choice. Keep the content very well organized in folders on your hard drive or cloud storage.

If you don’t like writing, you can purchase content already written and then edit it a bit before sharing. Purchase content on a single topic. This type of content is known as PLR which stands for private label rights content.

Collect images to use with your site and digital product creation.

Take pictures, and collect stock images that match your chosen topic. Also keep those very well organized in your folders. 

The images you get from stock photo websites also will grant you private label rights to reuse the content for your own publishing purposes.

On your website, target a single niche that you love to share information about.

Post content that only speaks to that niche. Someone with a problem that they need help solving will come to your website from Google after doing a search.

Q: Where will you get the content to share? 

A: From your collection.

You’ve been writing it or buying articles, and saving onto your computer.

Each time you need an idea to share in your blog, open up a Google doc or Word doc. Copy it and then paste it into a new blog post. Upload an image to make the post exciting.

Engage lead capture. Build your list.

You should also engage lead capture. What is this? You want people on a list. You join other people’s email lists, right? 

What’s stopping you from running an email list, too? 

This is the biggest and most important part of making passive income online. You’re sharing what you know and what you love with other people who then join your list.

These become your fans and followers. Over time, you can offer anything you want to your list. You can become known as an expert and you can become a sought after expert in your field.

Not only can you make passive income, but you could also launch a coaching career or offer consulting services to people who follow you.

But what if you don’t want to invest in a list manager?

The cost of managing and email list is about the equivalent of one shopping cart full of groceries for a family of three or four. Per year.

You think you don’t have money for that? Next time you want a pair of $100 pair of jeans, get a $20 pair instead. Do that four times and now you have money to invest in a list manager service that will MAKE you money.

After you start making money, buy the $100 jeans again if you want.

The list manager that I recommend is called Aweber

There are many others like it, but this is the one I use and trust.

A list manager allows you to send mass emails. You can also sign people up for different lists which means that you can automate and sell courses very easily using one of these.

Subscribers also have the option to hop on and hop off the list. This differentiates you from being a spammer! 

The next step in setting up your website for monetization is to begin to create information products.

That sounds like a huge undertaking. But not really, if you have been stockpiling content in your collection.

All of this content can be very easily made into mini email series and PDF ebooks.

Passive Income Ideas 2023

Here are some digital products that you can easily set up to sell on your website:

  • Ebooks and workbooks
  • Journaling series
  • Recipe ebooks and menu plans
  • Training courses
  • Self-coaching materials
  • Daily lessons sent on email

You can also enhance your courses by offering planners, goal trackers, surveys and questionnaires. Ooh!

Ready to Learn List-Building? Here are Two Essential Tools You Need to Get Started:

  • Aweber to manage your list (or another list manager like MailChimp if you already use that)
  • Canva to create professional graphics, branding, ebooks and other digital products

I’ve Created a Simple, 6-Day Emailed Course on How to Create an Opt-in Gift to Grow Your List

Once you take this course, you’ll know:

  • Basics of how to work in Canva
  • How to start list-building IMMEDIATELY using Aweber
  • How to attract people who ALREADY want what you offer on your website
  • How to create a lead magnet or opt-in gift to get you new signups
  • How to get people on your list now, so you can offer them products they WANT and NEED, later

This emailed course will set you up for list-building! Over time, you’ll be able to launch digital products that help people, by sharing what you know.

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