September 28, 2023

I Went on a Toby’s Cup Date With My Dog

I took my dog out for a special date to Toby’s Cup in Phillipsburg. I thought he might enjoy having his own burger so I asked for one without a bun and the young man working behind the counter obliged.

My dog is old so I like to treat him from time to time when I can. Here’s a montage of our doggie date at Toby’s cup. I ended up making the executive decision to serve him his burger mixed in with his regular dog food. Suffice it to say he enjoyed his dinner.


Toby’s Cup is under new ownership as of 2020. It is being managed by a young person local to the area who regularly makes appearances on Facebook to announce the milkshake of the day that will be featured at Toby’s.

The menu has been simplified and it appears that they have a specials board up which I think makes better sense than offering a bunch of menu options and then maybe running out and having to restock.

Plus the specials board kind of helps with hyping up specific foods which I think is a good thing to do when you’re running a fast food place.

Here’s the infamous milkshake flavor list for those who like their Toby’s hot dogs with a milkshake.

Toby’s Cup is definitely a favorite roadside hot dog stand and wouldn’t you know they actually made hot dog of the year in the state of New Jersey! That’s one reason to check them out.

Located on route 22 close to Hillcrest Mall in Phillipsburg New Jersey. Now open 7 days a week!