September 25, 2023

Worthiness Wednesday | Support from Suzanne

Worthiness Wednesday

The becoming of your truest self begins when your feet hit the path of which seldom like to go.

Physical change is wonderful. I could tell you I lost 90 pounds, I can show you the pictures to support that….but what is more important than the physical….is the mental endurance and toughness it takes to transform your spirit.

The road less traveled is a place that’s usually not crowded. We have all a pathway to it. Some of us are just stepping ever so softly on it, some of us are pounding heavy in the middle of it, and some of us are at the ground breaking edge of being led off the road and ready to unveil what you have learned about yourself.

When I am at my best…I am connected to the Earth. I stop for the flowers, I listen for the birds, I see clearly how the toxic bullshit of the past doesn’t stand a chance against gods beautiful treasures and connectedness, inner peace, or self love.

Do yourself a favor and turn down “The road less traveled.” Take the first step. Take the unexpected route, do quietly the things that stir up change, but do boldly the things that help others to see…. You are worthy of everything good….now get on that road.

Suzanne Swanson makes it her personal mission to help people on the path to recovery. Her own struggles with alcohol and food have led her to a place of wanting to give back to the world.

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