September 21, 2023

Inground Pool Installation Up Close! Concrete Pouring in Milford NJ

In a recent post, I shared with you some very exciting pictures of my friend’s backyard excavation project for her inground pool that will be ready to receive me this summer.

I guess I encouraged my pal to do some content sharing after I posted her pool excavation pics. So she has gone ahead and recorded a video of the next step, the concrete pouring!

If you were thinking about putting a pool in but nervous about what’s going to happen to your backyard, let us give you a preview right now.

This is exciting, especially after the utter punishment that was 2020. Let’s get back to simpler times enjoyed with friends. Like bringing some chips and dip and sangria to relax poolside.

The companies responsible for this pool installation in Milford New Jersey are as follows:

Cannonball Pools (not sure of the exact town where she sourced them from but you can find Cannonball Pools anywhere)


Matt Korbobo
Excavating|Septics|Hardscaping|Tree Service
908 296 6105

PS Matt Korbobo was very proud of the fact that he does not have an online presence. Well haha, Matt, now you do.