September 28, 2023

Is CC Coletti a Good Band?

Last night we had the pleasure of eating delicious burgers at the Pattenburg House and hearing the CC Colletti band perform very accurate and satisfying live performances of all my/your absolute favorite classic rock songs.

Waiting excitedly for grilled burgers and live music to begin at the Pattenburg House.

As my buddy Laura whose milestone birthday (w00t!!) it was aptly stated…

“It was as though CC had spent the prior week hiding in your [Dina’s] backseat taking notes of all the songs you [I] routinely rock out to from the classic rock radio stations”

…(and, I might add, made sure to play them exactly to my expectation).

Will the CC Colletti band be a fun night out for you? Take the quiz.

If you…

  • Are a die-hard, life-long Zeppelin fan
  • Love the Rolling Stones and own more than the box set, like if Tattoo You is in your collection (okay, fine… Greatest Hits Box Set is acceptable)
  • Know all the lyrics/play air guitar to to Neil Young’s “Down by the River”
  • Feel a twinge of nostalgia/ snapshots of your entire life flash before you when any Allman Brothers song comes on
  • Have been known to karaoke Janis Joplin to the utter delight / embarrassment of your friends…

(yes, I just used karaoke as a verb)

… you must see this band.

I just want to say while I’m here that I am just so grateful for all of the folks keeping the good music alive… forming cover bands, showing up for open mic night and such. Nothing new on the radio compares to’90s, ’80s, ’70s, 60s, ’50s music.

I might have to start tracking where bands like Craig Thatcher, Get the Led Out, Brit Floyd and others like them are showing up these days.

Boomers and Gen Xers step out for some Friday night fun at the Pat House.

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