September 21, 2023

Learn Origami | Host an Origami Birthday Party in Hunterdon or Warren County NJ

When you leave the house with no particular plan as I often do, you end up crossing paths with interesting people.

I recently stumbled upon a local origami artist, imagine that! Who knew we had a talented paper folder in our midst, right here in Warren County, New Jersey?

Meet Carrie Dubiel of DubeArt Creations.

She’s local. She’s an experienced art teacher. She’s got mad origami skills, and she will come to your party and teach origami to you and/or a small group of students.

You can also sign up for a variety of other art related services that she offers, including private art classes.

Here’s how it happened.

We had stopped in to Propagate Art Studio on a Saturday afternoon and there was Carrie, subbing at the front desk.

We asked if there was something simple that we could purchase in the way of a small art project for my son to try out.

After mulling over a few different art kits that were on display which seemed too complicated for that particular moment, we were unexpectedly wowed by an impromptu demonstration.

Out of nowhere, Carrie out suddenly whipped out her secret superpower: origami on the spot!

You just never know when a skill like this will come in handy.

She picked up an ordinary square of paper, and in minutes had taught my son how to transform it into an exotic bird that could magically flap its wings if you tugged gently on its tail.

Clearly, Carrie had done this before.

She was pleasant, entertaining, a good instructor, and undisputably an origami expert.

We basically got an on-the-spot origami tutorial for beginners and it was quite impressive.

I couldn’t let this moment pass without taking pictures and getting Carrie’s contact info.

If you’re looking for a fun, creative and relaxing activity to enjoy at home or participate in a small group, reach out to Carrie Dubiel to book an origami lesson, or a handful of them.

She’s also a professional photographer, paints murals and expresses her creativity through watercolor painting.

Here’s her business card!

Follow along with Carrie of DubeArt Creations on Facebook.