September 21, 2023

The Best Bakery in Phillipsburg, NJ! Bake House on Main

Next time you’re out and about in Phillipsburg, NJ, stop by Bake House on Main. They make the yummiest, fresh-baked goodies… all of your favorite, old-fashioned treats that Grandma had coming out of the oven when you were a kid.

I popped in today for pistachio cookies, creamy rice pudding and gluten-free treats with coconut and chocolate chips.

Owner Amber Santini has done a beautiful job creating a welcoming space.

The green-painted shingled building with pointy-topped roof is a bright spot standing out against industrial gray where Main meets Memorial Parkway in Phillipsburg.

Inside, find comfortable surroundings… a cozy couch to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a muffin.

Or pull up a chair to sit, sip and munch for a spell at the little counter.

Take home some warm, fresh bagels on the weekend. Get there bright and early for the best selection!

Amber also does an amazing job capturing nostalgia with her menu of baked treats. You’ll find pies, cookies, cupcakes, crumb cakes and lots more.

Each week brings something different… a fresh taste of home, and always your holiday and seasonal favorites.

Today they had crumb cake and tandy kake by the slice… also tomato pie, a local favorite.

They had creamy rice pudding in the cold case…

And ooh… chocolate cream pudding pie! Choose from regular or personal-sized pies. 🙂

Brownies for the chocolate lovers… with or without nuts!

Scones and muffins, always fresh and delicious.

Where is Bake House on Main of Phillipsburg, NJ?

Well, of course you know you can Google Map it. But let me charm you with some old-fashioned directions.

To get there from 22 West in Phillipsburg, take the South Main exit and meander down that curving, high-walled stretch of road.

Just look to the left for the cheerful green house, and you’re there. They share the lot occupied by Warren Brake and Tire.

Bake House on Main in Phillipsburg, NJ – Hours:

  • Sun, Mon, Tues – CLOSED
  • Wed, Thurs, Fri – OPEN 8am TO 3pm
  • Sat – OPEN 8am to 1pm

Support a hard-working local mom who has put so much love into her wonderful bake shop and delicious homemade creations.

Go get some goodies at Bake House on Main, and tell Amber that Dina sent you! 🙂

Contact Info:

Bake House on Main
215 North Main
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
908 387 7080

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