September 25, 2023

Need More Peace? Try Our Mini Journaling Challenge

Christmas is a fun and festive time. But it can also feel like you’re going non-stop… because you are.

Are you an empathic introvert trying to hold your own in a world of extroverts?

Is it time to ground yourself in quiet calm?

We feel you. Yes… people like us need to turn inward from time to time.

This brand new journaling course from Run Before You Fly will help you do just that!

Six days to give yourself the gift of mindfulness and bring peace to your holiday season. Write your way to inner calm.

Give Your Stressed Self the Gift of Comfort and Joy this Christmas Season.

We’re offering the writing course at a special $30 off discount. Holiday special!

Just $17 and it will drop right in your inbox. One journaling exercise a day for 6 days.

Learn all about the Journal Your Way to a Peaceful Holiday Season 6-Day Writing Challenge, here.

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