September 25, 2023

New Year’s Rumination. Do Your Friends Share Your Values and Support Your Goals?

Have you ever really given thought about the people you choose to hang out with?

What do they like to do? How do they speak to you? Where do they like to go? How do they treat you and others? What do they eat? Drink? Are they negative people? Do they support you?

All of these things matter to YOUR own goals and lifestyle.

If you choose to hang around people who have different goals and aspirations than you do, chances are… they are holding you back from reaching your own goals.

Think about this. If you enjoy working out and you have a friend who is constantly asking you to skip your workout to go shopping or to go have cocktails…how is that person helping you stay in shape?

I’m not saying you cannot be friends with people whose goals don’t align with yours. But choose wisely when allowing that person or people to occupy the majority of your time. It will add up.

Instead, search out people who you connect with when it comes to your goals.

No one in your life that you can count on for support?

Check out online groups. There are SO MANY groups out there that will inspire and motivate you.

I’m in a few running, groups and check in with them daily. Their positive and motivating posts keep me going – especially on those days when I don’t want to.

Join a gym. LOTS of places are having New Year discount promotions for their membership.

Don’t be afraid to try something new to discover new people, places and things that get you moving toward your goals!

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