September 21, 2023

Focusing on the Positive in 2022

As I read various posts on Facebook there is one common theme. HATE. There is so much hate and discontent going on this year and its only been 8 days into the new year.

AS 2022 travels along its yearly path, it will hurt you, it will sting you, but other times it will have great moments of peace, joy and tranquility. 2022 will only happen once in our lifetime, each day we spend hating we waste time missing out on all the positives we could be providing in this world.

People and circumstances will give you all sorts of reasons to take the dirty hatred path, but I ask all my friends, family, and people who look at my profile and are neither, I ask you to be POSITIVE. MAKE THE most out of ever situation, take the road less traveled by.

Make the most out of every single breath you take on this world, make a positive impact and stop focusing on negative aspects letting them consume you, devour your soul, and turning you into a cess pool of hatred and a shell of your former self.

I pray everyone reading this will look at their lives and make the most of it.

No one is promised tomorrow, so please make the time you have meaningful and positive in the lives of those around you.

God Bless everyone, have a wonderful weekend and great work week.

Love, Chuck Hollywood

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