September 28, 2023

Protect Your Lips From the Cold, Dry Winter Weather

Take care of your lips!?  My friend Tracy over at Kissiemama LLC has some helpful hints for keeping your pucker soft and smoochable this winter.

Avoid dry, cracked lips by following these tips ?on having and maintaining healthy lips?:

  • Moisturize your lips regularly
  • Avoid dehydration- drink enough water throughout the day
  • Protect lips from the wind
  • Ensure good nutrition
  • Before sun exposure apply a sun screen and a natural lip balm afterwards
  • Avoid licking the lips excessively
  • Exercise regularly to help fight psychological distress

Purchase Kissiemama ALL NATURAL LIP BALM.? They are available here on Etsy!?

Flavors available are:
??chocolate peppermint
?clove & sweet orange
??lavender honey


?Shipping is available?- reach out to Tracy at Kissiemama, LLC on Etsy
?Custom labels are available?

?Please share your feedback about my lip balms and please share this on your Facebook pages. Much love and appreciation??.

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