September 21, 2023

Really Good Sushi Restaurant in Phillipsburg Area

Sorry, I completely forgot to take a picture of the incredible food I ate. So I took this picture of the sushi bar instead. 🙂

Looking for delicious sushi in or around Phillipsburg, NJ? Die-hard sushi fans may find that there aren’t a lot of options out here in western NJ, but that’s slowly changing. The newly opened Sushi Ninja of Alpha, NJ won’t disappoint. We went there to have a late lunch and try the place out for the first time today. Our first sight upon walking in the door was a table of friends of ours who had just finished up their meal, so we pulled up a chair. Their enthusiastic review seemed encouraging. 🙂

Sushi Ninja was clean, cheerfully decorated, and smelled like good food. (Sushi itself should not have an odor, but the aroma of tempura does linger, which can be a good thing if everything’s fresh, and it was).

Your resident sushi chefs of Sushi Ninja, ready to take your order for expertly and deliciously prepared sushi!

I regret to inform you that I did NOT get a picture of what we ordered. I was so excited to find a place with really good sushi, that as soon as the plate was set in front of us we just started digging in with wild abandon. Our starter, seaweed salad, was fresh, flavorful and generously portioned, as was the miso soup which was full of soft tofu chunks and plenty of seaweed.

They have a great sushi lunch that’s currently on the menu. I won’t list prices in case you read this far after the fact and something changes. Please note that the below picture of the menu is subject to change.

But I thought it was very reasonable for the choice and amount of food. For dessert we ordered “mochi ice cream” which I did manage to snap a photo of. It’s rounds of ice cream encased in some kind of glutenous rice wrapper. My son thought this stuff was just incredible!

The famous “mochi ice cream” – we ordered the strawberry.

It should be noted that Sushi Ninja does not offer a lot of seating, so show up early if you go during peak hours, or takeout could work. They’re having a Valentine’s Day Special which I saw on their sandwich board on the way in. I believe it’s a free dessert with your dinner order.

I told the guys I’d be blogging them, and they seemed confused, as do most people when I tell them I’m going to write a blog post about their establishment. Then I used my phone to show them the Healthy, Happy NJ blog and got them to pose for a few pictures.  Since I failed to take pictures of our delicious sushi lunch, I guess I’ll be going back there. 🙂

Sushi Ninja Rules! Tell a friend. Here’s the menu in case you’d like to place your order.

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